who we are

Westrek Geotechnical Services Ltd. is a specialist consulting company based in British Columbia that focuses on geotechnical engineering, geohazard assessment, and risk management using a practical, integrated, and value-engineering approach. Our team is committed to providing professional geotechnical services in a timely and practical manner.

Our professionals are sound professionals and project managers who have coordinated and directed many multi-disciplinary projects. We are members of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC) with OQM Certification, and are SAFE Certified by the BC Forest Safety Council.

Our Vision: To be a leading partner for our clients’ geotechnical and geohazard problems by providing value-based solutions using a common-sense, risk-based approach.

Our Mission: Assess the conditions, define the hazard, mitigate the risk.

our profile

Our geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists have over 50 years of combined experience providing consulting services to the resource (forestry and mining) and energy sectors, infrastructure and utility owners, the private sector, government (local, provincial, and federal), and legal firms within Canada and internationally.  They specialize in geohazard and geotechnical studies for the feasibility, planning and upgrading of linear infrastructure in mountainous environments; geohazard assessments for urban land development; terrain stability assessments for forestry development; and geotechnical engineering for foundations, retaining walls, geosynthetics design, road drainage and slope stabilization.Our experience in all phases of design and construction provides assistance through each step of a project, from site selection and conceptual design to detailed design and construction.

core company values

Westrek’s core values are integral to meeting our clients’ needs while up-holding our primary mandate as professional engineers and geoscientists who protect public interest. Westrek maintains a commitment to:

  1. Respectful, inclusive, and attentive behaviour.
  2. Ethical practice.
  3. Integrity in what we say and do.
  4. Using a thorough, scientific approach to solve problems and meet our clients' needs.
  5. Implementing a value-based approach to the development of solutions.
  6. Exceeding the mandatory professional development requirements of our employees.
  7. Quality, excellence, and continual improvement.
  8. Supporting ongoing research in areas of practice.

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