Westrek’s team is made up of professional engineers and geoscientists who bring a wealth of experience to our clients on a daily basis

Tim Smith PGeo EngL CPESC
Tim Smith PGeo EngL CPESCPrincipal and Senior Engineering Geologist
Tim has been a practicing geoscientist for thirty years and founded Westrek in 1998, growing the firm from a sole proprietor to a vibrant team. A respected professional and leader in the field of landslide hazard and risk analysis, he aspires to be a mentor to others and to improve practice in the professions of engineering and geoscience.
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Kevin Turner PEng
Kevin Turner PEngSenior Geotechnical Engineer
Kevin joined Westrek in 2008 and has worked in the engineering profession for thirty-one years. A geotechnical engineer specializing in steep slope investigation and stabilization, retaining wall and foundations design, Kevin has worked to grow Westrek into the company it is today.
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Peter Weisinger PGeo
Peter Weisinger PGeoIntermediate Geoscientist and Hydrologist
A specialist in terrain stability analysis, hydrogeomorphic hazards and GIS, Pete has worked in the resource industry for over 18 years, joining Westrek in 2011. He loves fieldwork in remote areas and has a passion for creating GIS based solutions and statistical models to aid in slope stability analysis. Pete hopes to develop his skillset to help Westrek further integrate innovative technology and processes….
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Jeffrey Pisio PEng
Jeffrey Pisio PEngGeological Engineer
Jeff joined Westrek in 2012 as a summer student and returned in 2013 with his BASc in Geological Engineering from UBC. He specializes in landslide investigation, analysis, monitoring and instrumentation, and remediation, although he is well versed in geotechnical investigations, retaining wall design, road drainage and deactivation.
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Brandon Barker
Brandon BarkerTerrain Analyst
Brandon has been an integral part of the Westrek team since 2010, specializing in resource based terrain stability work. A lover of the outdoors, fieldwork is Brandon’s favourite part of the job. Brandon studied earth sciences at Thompson Rivers University, Simon Fraser University and Gavle in Sweden, and is currently finishing his PGeo accreditation.
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Megan Simao GIT
Megan Simao GITGeoscientist-in-Training
Megan joined Westrek in 2018 after graduating with a BSc in Engineering Geology from Simon Fraser University. She is excited to be expanding on her education with practical fieldwork, especially landslide investigations and prevention, and learning about the triggers and mechanisms for slope movement. and applied quaternary geology.
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Rhonda Mellafont PGeo
Rhonda Mellafont PGeoIntermediate Geologist
With 14 years of management and consulting experience, Rhonda joined Westrek in 2018 to establish our Terrace office. A graduate of the University of Alberta, Rhonda grew up fascinated with natural hazards after visiting the Frank Slide as a young child. Spending her school days reading about natural disasters led her to a career choice to protect the public through geoscience.
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Leslie Muir PGeo
Leslie Muir PGeoEngineering Geologist
Leslie joined Westrek in 2018 after over ten years working in mineral exploration, geological mapping and forestry terrain stability. She obtained her BSc in geology and geography from UVIC, and her MEng from UBC and enjoys the opportunities for continued learning that her career provides.
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Wesley Ashwood PEng, MASc
Wesley Ashwood PEng, MAScGeotechnical and Geological Engineer
A specialist in rock mechanics, analysis and mitigation, along with natural hazard assessment and risk analysis, Wes joined Westrek in 2019 and founded the Squamish office. He loves the diversity of natural hazards, how unique every site and problem can be and truly enjoys the forensic nature of this work.
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Jonathan (Jono) Findlay PEng
Jonathan (Jono) Findlay PEngGeotechnical Engineer
Jono joined Westrek in 2019, with six years’ experience in retaining wall design, construction monitoring, quality assurance, and slope stability mitigation design. Jono gets great satisfaction in seeing his designs constructed and is looking to develop his skills in geotechnical engineering, focusing on shallow and deep foundation design and dam design.
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Andy Chiem
Andy Chiem EIT (Geotechnical)
New to Westrek and Canada, Andy joined our team in 2019 from Sydney, Australia, where he graduated from the University of Sydney with a BEng and worked for the first 4 years of his career. Now settled in Kamloops, Andy is using his expertise in multi-disciplinary site investigations and data analysis on numerous Westrek projects.
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Heidi Manicke PEng GIT
Heidi Manicke PEng GITGeological Engineer
Heidi joined Westrek in 2020, bringing over six years of professional experience in geotechnical consulting, environmental engineering and project management. Her areas of expertise include geotechnical instrumentation and automated data acquisition systems. Heidi took the scenic route to engineering, completing an MA in German Literature before obtaining her BSc in Geological Engineering from the University of British Columbia in 2014.
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Vivian Benson
Vivian BensonExecutive Assistant and Safety Officer
Viv joined Westrek in 2018 at the Kamloops office and quickly became an indispensable coordinator for the team. A graduate of the Business Administration program at Thompson Rivers University, she brings her skills, honed from 25 years in administration, to all aspects of the business, helping make the team cohesive and efficient.
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Beverly GreyAdministration Officer and Communications Strategist
Beverly joined Westrek in 2020 and brings fifteen years of experience in administration and community engagement from the public sector. She has a BA and an MA in English and has spent much of her career focusing on public service, research and training and development. She is looking forward to bringing her skills to further enhance Westrek’s online and social media presence.
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Tim Giles MASc, PGeo
Tim Giles MASc, PGeoSenior Geoscientist
Tim joined Westrek in 2021 after a lengthy career with the provincial government. Tim brings over 30 years experience and expertise in quaternary geoscience, sedimentology and fluvial geomorphology to our team. Born in London, England, Tim grew up in Dunmury, Northern Ireland and Brandon, Manitoba. He completed his BSc at Brandon University and his MSc at the University of Alberta. He moved to Kamloops in 1995 and joined the research branch of the Ministry of Forests.
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Liam Steers MASc, EIT
Liam Steers MASc, EITEngineer in Training
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Jesse Schafer MASc, MGIS
Jesse Schafer MASc, MGISGIS Analyst
Jesse joined Westrek in 2021 and is a GIS Analyst based in our Kamloops office. He completed his BSc at the University of the Fraser Valley and then earned his Master of Geographic Information Systems from Vancouver Island University. Jesse has 3 years experience working in GIS analysis and geomorphology and loves the variety that his career path offers, from flying drones to capture images for mapping, to assessing landslides.
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