Geohazard Assessment

Our Geohazard services offer comprehensive evaluations and assessments to identify and mitigate risks associated with geological hazards.

We leverage advanced technologies and methodologies to ensure accurate and reliable data, providing a solid foundation for decision-making in development projects.

Our Services

Geological and engineering assessment, air photo interpretation, remote sensing techniques, and applying qualitative and quantitative analytical methods.

geohazard landslide


Our geohazard services are crucial for a variety of sectors, including:

  • Route Planning and Selection: Conducting geohazard and geotechnical feasibility studies to ensure safe and efficient route planning.
  • Mining: Providing detailed geohazard and geotechnical analysis for mine sites to ensure operational safety and stability.
  • Energy Projects: Performing geohazard and geotechnical analysis to support the development and maintenance of energy projects.

Technology & Methodology

We employ a range of advanced techniques and tools to conduct our assessments:

  • Air Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing: Utilizing these techniques to gather detailed geospatial data.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analytical Methods: Applying both approaches to deliver comprehensive risk evaluations.
  • Geotechnical and Geological Subsurface Investigations: Conducting in-depth subsurface investigations to understand the underlying geological conditions.


Our geohazard services offer several key benefits:

  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis: From landslide hazard and risk analysis to hydro-geomorphic and hydrotechnical assessments.
  • Rapid Response: Providing emergency landslide assessment and stabilization services.
  • Expertise in Slope Stabilization: Offering solutions for soil and rock slope stabilization.
  • Post-Wildfire Assessments: Conducting post-wildfire hazard and risk analysis to address slope and hydrologic concerns.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of successful projects, including:

  • Terrain Stability Assessments: Landslide hazard and risk analysis/mitigation.
  • Debris Flow/Flood Assessments: Hydro-geomorphic and hydrotechnical evaluations.
  • Liquefaction Assessments: Analyzing the risk of soil liquefaction in various conditions.

Why Choose Our Services?

Expert-driven, technology-enhanced solutions for comprehensive geohazard risk management and mitigation.

Our Geohazard Services

  • Geohazard and geotechnical feasibility studies for route planning and selection;
  • Geohazard and geotechnical analysis for mine sites;
  • Geohazard and geotechnical analysis for energy projects;
  • Landslide hazard and risk analysis / mitigation for terrain stability assessments;
  • Hydro-geomorphic and hydrotechnical assessments (i.e. debris flow/flood, flood);
  • Liquefaction assessments;
  • Emergency landslide assessment and stabilization;
  • Slope stabilization for soil and rock;
  • Geotechnical and geological subsurface investigations;
  • Construction engineering and supervision;
  • Forensic landslide investigation;
  • Post-wildfire hazard (slope and hydrologic) and risk analysis;
  • Standards and guideline development;
  • Expert witness testimony.

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